Lack of sleep has a profound impact on our brain’s ability to function.


Better sleep is the biggest single contributor to living better


Your journey to sleeping better starts here...



Do you struggle with getting to sleep? Waking in the night and not able to get back to sleep? Wake up too early? You may be struggling with insomnia.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi) is the first line treatment for acute or chronic insomnia recommended by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence NICE.  It has an 80% success rate.

We offer expert individual consultation, assessment, intervention and follow-up support for mild to more chronic sleep difficulties.  

£170  Initial Assessment (120 minutes)

£125 per session (up to 90 minutes)

The initial assessment includes a detailed history taking, screening for other sleep disorders, completion and interpretation of a range of  questionnaires, 1 week sleep diary analysis and lastly a feedback and recommendations session.

Sessions thereafter include an educational component as well as behavioural and cognitive techniques that are implemented over time to get you back in the drivers seat with your sleep. This service is currently offered online only.


We recognise certain  life events can impact on the quality and quantity of your sleep. Having someone to share and make sense of these experiences can have a profound impact on how you feel and hopefully how you sleep. We are a network of counsellors and psychologists with experience of transforming suffering to understanding, empowerment and change.

We offer a formulation driven, confidential and supportive space to explore challenges you may be facing. We draw on collaborative, nurturing, compassion and solution-focused approaches.  Suitable for adolescents (16 +), young adults and adults. ONLINE ONLY.

£100 per hour


Engaging and tailormade webinars aimed at all staff groups to raise awareness of the importance of sleep and its role in mental and physical health. Fees vary depending on group size, location, and depth of knowledge required. ONLINE OR IN PERSON.


Specialist, high quality teaching for frontline healthcare professionals who would like to embed the science of sleep in assessment, formulation and intervention with adult populations. Fees vary depending on group size, location, and depth of knowledge required. ONLINE OR IN PERSON.


You may be seeking sleep-specific supervision and/or consultation. This might be for individual clients and or setting up a sleep clinic in your private practice or department. We are a group of psychologists who can support you with this.



Accessing the right help with specialists in the field of mental health and sleep can be a challenge. We help signpost you to individuals, practitioners  or teams who can help with sleep-related concerns. This might include: sharing stories, advice on reducing medication safely, child and adolescent sleep, reading and understanding clinical notes, finding a specialist in managing trauma and nightmares, managing respiratory issues.... We will provide you with useful signposts.





Staff Seminars

Our most popular seminar series aimed at staff groups on the science of sleep. Content covers the key drivers of the sleep-wake cycle, how sleep is measured, awareness of the impact of sleep deprivation, recognising warning signs of undiagnosed sleep disorders and key advice on how to look after your sleep. Clear signposts and resources are also included  on how to seek specialist support. Online or in Person. 60 minutes, including QnA. Sessions can be bespoke according to audience needs.


Sleep First Aid

'Dr Romano really is fantastic; so relatable and informative.'

'Extremely engaging and interesting. I would definitely recommend  attending this workshop'

'Gabriella is a very engaging speaker with a great connection to her audience.'

'I am beyond grateful for Dr Romano and the Learning and Development team for putting together a practical and immediately impactful experience'

'I cannot say how invaluable this was and is for myself, family and friends!  Thank you!'




Welcome to the site. I am a qualified and HCPC registered practitioner psychologist, founder of Sleep Psychologist. I have created this site because I recognise the invaluable role psychologists play in the field of sleep.

I have extensive experience of working in academic, community and specialist NHS departments both as a researcher and practitioner psychologist. I have widespread experience of delivering individual and group CBTi, having accessed specialist training with the Insomnia Service at The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, UCLH. 

Please do get in touch.

Qualifications and Memberships

Doctorate Clinical Psychology, University of Surrey

Master of Science in Developmental Psychopathology, University of Reading

BA Psychology, University of Exeter

Member of The British Sleep Society |  HCPC Registered | DBS Certified



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